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Our Philosophy of working with young people and their families has a strong underpinning and is guided by principles of the continental European Model of Social Pedagogy and incorporates those principles on how we engage with young people, families and how our services are delivered.

Social Pedagogy is based on humanistic values stressing human dignity, mutual respect, trust, unconditional appreciation, and equality. It is underpinned by a fundamental concept of children, young people and adults as equal human beings with rich and extraordinary potential and considers them competent, resourceful and active agents. Overall, social pedagogy aims to achieve the following:

  • Holistic Education – Education of head (cognitive knowledge), heart (emotional and spiritual learning), and hands (practical and physical skills)
  • Holistic Well-Being – Strengthening health-sustaining factors and providing support for people to enjoy a long-lasting feeling of happiness.
  • Enabling Children – We aim to support young people into adulthood so that they are empowered, self sufficient and responsible individuals within their society.
  • Promoting Welfare – We aim to promote human welfare with the intent of reducing social difficulties.

Social Pedagogy Standards

The Social Pedagogy Professional Association (SPPA), together with the UCL Institute of Education, ThemPra and Jacaranda, has developed the Standards of Proficiency in Social Pedagogy. These are the standards with which all Social Pedagogy Practitioners and Social Pedagogues must act. Compass Child & Family Services provides an organisational culture and support base that enables the application of these standards.

Social Pedagogy Charter

The Charter is a value base that informs Social Pedagogy Practice in the UK and Ireland. The charter is a helpful way of introducing newcomers to Social Pedagogy and as a reference point for all practitioners in their work with children, families, groups and communities within their social-political contexts. 


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Compass Child and Family Services (CLG) is a Charity offering out of home care arrangements for children in the care of the Irish State. Our philosophy of working with children and their families is guided by the principles of Social Pedagogy.


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